Copper Titanium (QTi) range of non-sparking, non-magnetic safety tools is recommended for use in all potentially explosive environments. Oil areas where combustible or easily ignitable vapors, liquids, and dust are present and anywhere that a potential fire and explosion risk from sparks is possible.
There are many International OSHA documented case-studies of fire caused by sparks generated while using steel tools. Many companies, who are aware of the necessity to use non-sparking tools, buy tools made from Copper Beryllium or Aluminum Bronze. Copper Beryllium is hazardous while Aluminum Bronze is a weak material.
Copper Titanium alloy technology is developed by India’s premier defense research lab DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) to replace hazardous and expensive Copper Beryllium alloys and this technology is transferred to Pahwa Metal Tech which makes us the only company in the world to manufacture the alloy and the tools, thereby giving confidence of highest grade quality material and consistency in tools to its valued customers.
Copper Titanium Non-Sparking Hand Tools comply to IS 4595-1969 (Re-affirmed 2006) safety standards for Non-sparking Hand Tools. In our constant endeavor to provide high performing tools to our customers, we subjected Copper Titanium tools to torque test designed for steel tools. Copper Titanium tools gave excellent results and passed the test thereby making them as the strongest Non-Sparking Tools available today.
We are the stockiest and Authorized dealers of Copper Titanium (QTi) Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic Hand tools of “PAHWA” which is Manufactured in India and makeover 1500+ types and sizes of safety tools which are of high strength and Beryllium-free. Copper Titanium tools manufactured by technology developed for defense purposes are completely safe and strong.
We would be happy to share more information on Innovative Copper Titanium technology tools and how they protect your employees from the severe risks posed by Copper Beryllium.

Key Features

  • NON SPARKING : Tested and certified for Non Sparking Characteristic as per IS 4595-1969 standards
  • Beryllium Free : Made from High Quality Copper and Titanium Alloy and is 100% free from Beryllium
  • High Hardness : Hardness ranging from 260 to 320 BHN
  • Non Magnetic: Tools are Completely Non Magnetic. It is required for the Environments like High Energy applications , Electrical components , magnets etc
  • Good Strength: Have good Strength and Durability. All tools are Torque Tested.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Due to no Presence of Beryllium Copper titanium tools are Non Toxic and does not poses any hazard to Environment.


Property Copper Titanium Hand Tools ( QTi) Copper Beryllium Hand Tools ( Cu-Be) Aluminium Bronze Hand Tools ( Al-Br )
Strength High High Low
Durability High High Very Low
Health Hazard No Risk , SAFE High Risk , Unsafe Low Risk
Non Magnetic Yes Yes No
Made in India Yes No No
Explosion Groups Safe for use in explosion
groups I, IIA , IIB , IIC
Safe for use in explosion
groups I, IIA , IIB , IIC
Safe for use in explosion
groups I, IIA , IIB only

Applications of Non-Sparking Hand Tools

  • Paint, Lacquer & Varnish Products
  • Flammable Materials Manufacturing, Handling and Warehousing
  • Automotive Paint Shops (Spray Booths)
  • Pipeline Construction & Maintenance
  • Oil & Natural Gas Drilling, Refining & Handling
  • Radar Transmission Centers
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Overhaul
  • LPG Production and filling stations